Helping Fight Parkinson’s

We ran a Tennis Tournament on Friday 20th June in aid of Parkinson’s and raised over £200.



The South London Younger Parkinson’s network is hosting charity events around the UK and across the globe. The events, in association with Parkinson UK Charity, will help raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease and those diagnosed at a young age. One event was held on Friday 20th June at the Purley Sport Club and was called “Making a Racquet about Parkinson’s”. Sarah Webb, founder of the network, is working with a committee to help bring the disease to the forefront of people’s attention and being a sufferer herself, is letting people know that it affects people of all ages. The event itself took the form of a tennis tournament, with multiple events held around the UK and the wider world on and around Friday 20th June.

Making a Racquet about Parkinson’s took the form of a round robin tournament and saw people participating who had a connection with the charity and the disease. Due to her hard work and the connections Sarah has within the tennis community, she was able to get others involved and they were able to hold their own events in their own county and country. Events took place in tennis clubs where Sarah grew up playing tennis, Kidderminster (Worcestershire), USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Barcelona to name a few. The charity also announced and launched its Fundraiser Ball to be held in September where they will aim to raise £100K for the charity.

Sarah Webb SLYPN Founder was thrilled with the awareness the event created and overwhelmed by the support as she says “I started this event to involve friends in the UK and around the world in fundraising for our cause. I never expected such a wonderful response and am very touched by everyone’s involvement and hard work. This all helps to promote what we’re doing as a network and helps to bring awareness to Parkinson’s.”

SLYPN is a valuable support network and fundraising group, for people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a young or working age.

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Every hour someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson’s. Because we are here, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone. 1 in 20 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s is under 40. Being diagnosed literally turns your life upside down and makes you revaluate everything. You have to work out how to manage your energy levels, decide whether to tell your employer/family/friends and get used to relying on medication to get through the day all while you are adjusting your future plans for you and your family.